People Profilers’ consultants are some of the most talented people in the industry. We understand that the key to providing the right HR solutions for your organisation lies in an immersive understanding of the industry and an ability to understand our client’s perspective.

Our commitment to providing the highest standard of service to our clients while simultaneously growing our business has led to People Profilers branching out into three sub-companies dedicated to the specific services provided for our clients.

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People Profilers Pte Ltd

Our main entity, People Profilers deals with general placements and generic positions across lower to mid tier roles, touching on some managerial positions. Although we pride ourselves on an extremely fast closure rate with short turnaround in time taken to fill positions, our mantra of profiling the right person for the right profession still holds true. Our main sources are job ads, word of mouth, and in-house databases.



People Profilers Executive Search

People Profilers Executive Search was setup in 2010 to segregate the business, with this branch focusing mainly on Executive Search positions.  Jobs handled are generally senior and niche roles, stretching to regional placements as well. We endeavour to scour the world for talent who are suitable for appointment in these senior and managerial roles for your organisation. As such, fulfilment of these positions generally takes a longer time- People Profilers understands the importance of these placements and conducts extensive research and mapping. We seek to find talent that is of a perfect fit with your organisation, with candidates generally sourced from our extensive network we have built over the years, headhunting on social platforms, or from industry mapped databases.

People Profilers Services

People Profilers Services was created in 2010 to focus on temporary and contract staffing solutions for our clients who do not wish to take in employees under their own headcount. We provide contract and temporary employees to meet our client’s needs for this group of employment. We ensure the quality of the employees recommended during the period of service. Furthermore, as a one-stop solution HR provider, People Profilers Services will also provide payroll, insurance, compensation and administration services for our clients.