There’s no denying that finding a job is important for every single one of us.

What is more crucial however, is finding the job that is just right for you. People Profilers have a storied history of matching you, your ambition, and your needs with the right opportunity. Our primary concern is to understand what you are looking for, and then match you with the right organisation.


We have worked with a wide variety of talent – from fresh graduates embarking upon a new phase in life, to those already in the workforce going through a career switch.  As a leading headhunter in Singapore, People Profilers can help match you with the job and the company that provides you with the prospects and opportunities you desire in your career.

Our business caters to your needs. Our talent is our life-blood, and People Profilers will arrange to put you in the best possible situation for you to flourish and maximise your potential. Stay connected with us so our specialist consultants will be able to direct you to the right organisation – one that matches your personality, your ambition, and your needs. That’s what we believe in.