Know our Consultants well – Joycelynn Koh

Joycelynn is known for her never say die attitude and perpetual quest to understand her clients better. Her thoughtful approach to her work has set the standard for others in People Profilers. Brisk, professional, and yet extremely approachable, Joycelynn is a Principal Consultant and has been with People Profilers for 5 years; loving every minute of it.

Joycelynn’s areas of expertise include retail, distribution, and legal industries. Regardless of the position required, she is a domain expert and can deliver for any requirements in these areas. Her clients frequently face issues of the nagging quota on foreign workers, budget constraints, headcount approval, and slow responses from shortlisted candidates. Here, her meticulous work ethic propels her to follow up infallibly throughout the recruitment process. Her domain experience allows her to effectively and accurately advise clients on the market salary range for different candidate positions. With her guidance, clients rarely miss out on the opportunity to engage strong candidates.

Joycelynn is the consummate professional, and employs information gained form hiring managers together with a sequential and iterative recruitment approach to better streamline and remove inefficiencies from the recruitment process.

Joycelynn believes that it takes two hands to clap in recruitment. She advises companies not to grow stagnant, and instead to constantly be on the lookout for candidates with cutting edge skill sets. She reminds candidates that a job is more than the starting salary. Think long term, and don’t be deterred if a job doesn’t meet your initial expectations!