Know our Consultants – Samuel Tse

Spick and span, methodical and systematic. That’s Samuel. He’s up front and personal, and takes pride in his work. His determined and professional attitude has served him well in consistently delivering value for clients and candidates alike in his 4 years as a senior recruitment consultant with People Profilers.

Samuel serves clients in a range of manufacturing industries, particularly in electronics and manufacturing of medical devices. As would be expected in this field, his clients frequently face problems with finding candidates who possess a particular niche skillset relevant to the domain, meeting deadlines for urgent hires, as well as managing the often-high expectations of candidates. In answer to this, Samuel leverages on his statistically oriented economics background and plumbs every last ounce of information available to him. He makes extensive use of People Profiler’s large database to quantify candidate’s technical capabilities. Combining this with an assessment of the candidate’s soft skillset, he is able to deftly and effectively steer negotiations between hirers and candidate. When Samuel is the medium, all parties have their best interests covered.

Samuel Tse’s biggest critic is Samuel Tse. After each successful hire, he checks back with clients to see how the new employee is doing in the new role. In performing this post-contractual analysis, he takes notes and makes improvements to the next assignment he undertakes.

Samuel feels genuine satisfaction with every placement he successfully facilitates. He believes that a passion for one’s job and pride in the value one’s work creates is instrumental in any job; whether it be his own or in the roles that he assists organizations to fill.