Know our consultants – Jason Hin

Prim and proper, Jason would greet you with a warm but firm handshake. He’d keep pleasantries quick and transactional, and then get straight down to business. His clients enthuse about this quality, and in his 5 years with People Profilers, this senior consultant’s incessant hustle has seen him close job after job, never once foregoing his signature professionalism in the process.

Jason’s versatility sees him specialising in quite a varied range of industries, from chemical and healthcare to luxury brands to security. Quite probably due to his brisk and unfailingly upright manner, Jason is especially adept at closing senior management positions for his clients. His clients frequently face issues with fulfilling their vacancies, especially the positions are of a higher level and require candidates with significant experience. To solve this, Jason carefully analyses the market regarding such individuals, and ensures that rates offered are alluring enough.

Ever the methodical worker, Jason utilises a matching matrix of his own design to ascertain that candidate skillsets, both hard and soft, match the client requirements by a threshold of at least 80%. From there, Jason then recommends the candidate to the hiring manager to iron out the last 20%. His stringent background checking procedure also weeds out undesirables and assures clients that only candidates truly worth considering ever are presented to them.

Jason exemplifies business professionalism, and encourages others to understand that such a demeanour is only possible with a positive attitude. He believes that likewise, when a candidate is enthusiastic about a job, it translates directly into workplace performance.