Know our consultants – Grace Zhang

Grace is the definition of a people’s person. She loves meeting people and hearing about them. Her uncanny skill of stepping into other’s shoes has granted her a rare empathy for hirers and candidates alike, making her a fantastic bridge between the two. Grace is an assistant manager who has been with People Profilers for 5 years now. Every day, she brings more people together with a smile.

Grace’s fields of expertise cover pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries. She also manages short-term contract roles for hirers in need of contract positions. Grace’s clients commonly face issues with marrying candidate expectations with realistic budget constraints, finding long-staying employees, and headcount freezes. With her eponymous grace, Grace helps candidates understand the situational nature of remuneration decisions. She sheds light on the department specific concerns, economic landscape issues, and other such factors that affect the variables of the role they are seeking employment in. For her clients, she also delves deep to understand concerns such as the reason behind their headcount freezes, or their budget constraints. Armed with this knowledge, Grace marches forth to find the best candidate for her client, knowing that the ideal candidate is out there, also looking for a job, and just waiting to be found.

Grace empathizes with clients having to sift through mounds of applications, and thus does her utmost to ensure that any candidate that she recommends has passed her own stringent assessment – which includes many less conventional elements. For example, she pays special attention to intangibles such as the tone of voice and body language to determine a candidate’s keenness and mental commitment.

Ultimately, Grace wants the candidates to be as happy as her clients are, and hence she recommends that employees seek to understand (with her help of course!) the long-term goals of the organization and the big picture. In doing so, they can better ascertain the degree of alignment – and hence satisfaction, that they have with the potential employer.