Know our consultants – Eric Aramis Wee

Animated and energetic, Eric exudes sanguine vibes. His passion for his job is quite infectious, which is reflected in his exuberant working style. Eric is a Principal Consultant who has been with People Profilers for 6 and a half years. His long history of working in recruitment doesn’t seem to have dulled him one bit!

Eric focuses on recruiting for automotive, IT, and engineering fields. Like the fields he sources for, Eric is highly technical and analytical. He notices that the age-old problem of budget and remuneration expectations clashing. Where most would adopt a more qualitative method to overcoming this concern, Eric turns to factual evidence to quantify market norms. In quite a lawyer-like fashion, Eric also leverages on the statute of precedence with similar employers and employees. With this arsenal at his disposal, Eric is able to manoeuvre his way to establishing a mutual and fair level playing field for the terms of agreement between client and candidate.

However, Eric isn’t the machine that his energy and affinity for data would suggest. It is his S.O.P to call the candidate on their first day of work to check in on them. He also performs follow ups with both parties a month after the successful engagement, and once more at the end of probation. Client and candidate alike both know without a doubt how much he cherishes the long-term commitment.

Eric notices that the current economy is much more human capital intensive than it was a decade ago. As such, he encourages hirers to no longer rely solely on policies and mandates from a previous era, but focus more on their individual assets, and how to acquire and nurture them. This approach, Eric believes, is the path to success for any organisation.